Jonas Dahlberg’s earth-shattering memorial

Really moved by this chosen design to commemorate the mass murder attack on the Norwegian island of Utoya on July 22, 2011. Designed by Jonas Dahlberg, the memorial will remove a section of the island, carving out a piece of Norway, as a visual metaphor for the massive loss of 77 citizens. The chasm would be clad with polished stone with the names of the lost engraved on one side and an observation deck built into the other side. Also, the removed earth and trees will be used in a sister memorial in the heart of Oslo. 

An incredibly smart, modern concept that should provide a calm and contemplative place for visitors and mourners. 

See more imagery and read the artist’s statement here.

Kim Høltermand prints

You can now buy prints of some of the best photographs from one of my favorite photographers, Kim Høltermand, on his new online store. Kim’s work is celebrated for it’s evocative landscapes and ghostly architecture and these selections would look awesome in anybody’s apartment. I especially love the composition and muted palette of the top image, entitled “Gravel Pit II”. 

See all of the available prints here

Italian Futurism now at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Caught the new Italian Futurism exhibit at the Guggenheim and there’s lots to discover and learn about the complex movement and it’s founders. 

The whole exhibit is massive, encompassing most of the main floors in the spiral tower, a perfect setting for the bold geometry and striking lines of the artworks of the time including fashion, paintings, design, film, music, architecture and sculpture. There are the classics of course, like Ivo Pannaggi’s Speeding Train, which are thrilling to see in person, but also works I had never seen before including pioneering work Depero did for Campari liquor (see his “Campari Advertising Man” from 1926 above), some surprisingly serene airplane inspired pieces by Trullio Crali and perhaps less celebrated, but still boldly graphic Fascism propaganda pieces. 

Italian Futurism is open now until September 21st. Get more info here

Steven Soderbergh’s Psychos

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho is a pop culture touchstone and it’s been fascinating to see it referenced, remixed and re-imagined over the decades. Now director Steven Soderbergh has creatively mashed-up the original with it’s controversial shot-for-shot 1998 remake by Gus Van Sant to create yet another perspective on the famed story. Soderbergh doesn’t just superimpose both films but lets the two dance in and out of each other as if the two tales are happening, in different times, simultaneously, like a deja-vu loop. The shower scene in particular becomes amplified and exponentially more terrifying. 

Watch the full experiment Psychos here.

(via Vulture)

Watermark documentary trailer

Director Jennifer Baichwal and photographer Edward Burtynski have teamed up again to create Watermark, a film that explores out relationship to water. Of course, judging by the trailer alone, the star is truly Edward’s stunning photos and film work. I expect this to be as grand and cinematic as their previous project Manufactured Landscapes was. 

See the trailer here.

SOHN’s debut album, Tremors, will out very soon, filled with lots of throbbing beats and synths guiding swooping, soulful vocals. “Lessons” is my favorite track right now, love when the vocals pitch down as the beats get louder toward a crashing ending. Tremors is in the vein of James Blake, but thicker and more melodic, reminding me of Pallers and Lemonade. Really good stuff.